A west-coast native, Patrick was born in the silicon valley and grew up in Washington state most of his life.

Patrick ran his first business on a lawn-mowing route at age 11. Over the years, he has excelled in marketing and selling products, powered by a drive to create value where no solution has been delivered before. At the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business, he specialized his Bachelors in Business Administration in Entrepreneurship.

Patrick broke into the software world working at venture-backed PayScale.com – selling their premium cloud compensation software to HR and C-level execs as a top performer while the company scaled from 65 employees to over 400 employees. In his last year with PayScale, he realized how ubiquitous subscription-based software was becoming and the challenge customers faced in using the overwhelming number of apps in their businesses. Patrick and his team validated this pain and opportunity when they set-out to build VendorHawk on the side.

They built VendorHawk in such a way that, by God’s grace, they were acquired by ServiceNow in April of 2018 to continue building out their product within ServiceNow’s platform. Read more about those adventures here.

Today, Patrick lives with his wife and three young daughters [and a son!] in south Seattle, WA and enjoys going on adventures with his family, advising startups globally and serving his community through his church. He loves helping other entrepreneurs live as faithful founders and making an impact that is so large, that if it is achieved, it can only be credited to the Lord and His glory.